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Equipment for the production of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2).

Liquid Gas CO2 Generation Equipment Plant:
We are committed to food-grade gas, liquid carbon dioxide and solid dry ice engineering design, equipment manufacturing, and complete equipment provision. Proprietary low-temperature distillation, multi-stage distillation, multi-stage liquefaction and other technologies make our equipment suitable for different geographical environments and climatic conditions. By optimizing and improving the process flow and key equipment, our device has the advantages of low investment, small area, and thorough purification.

Our equipment is suitable for coal-fired power plants, gas combustion, steel and cement and other low-concentration carbon dioxide gas capture and refining, such as power plant boilers, steel plant smelting, lime kilns and cement plants.

Product Advantages:

1. The whole set of equipment adopts a targeted design method, that is, different designs are carried out for the raw gas of different components of the user, while ensuring product functions, minimize equipment investment and operating energy consumption;
2. The equipment is concise, the area is small, and the installation is convenient;
3. It adopts a distributed control system (DCS system), which is easy to operate and can realize unattended operation for 24 hours continuous operation;
4. The carbon dioxide contact part of the whole set of equipment is made of stainless steel, which is safe and stable;
5. Product quality is stable and reliable, product carbon dioxide purity ≧99.99%, in line with food additive carbon dioxide standard.

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