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Golden Parallel

Import deliveries of elevator equipment: elevators, escalators and travolators.

For Elevator and Escalator

Can be done in 25 working days for most elevator and escalator, even some can be done 15-20 working days if you need urgently.

For Elevator Components

The elevator motor, elevator controller, elevator door, elevator cabin, elevator cable, elevator safety parts can be done in 20 working days.

For Small Elevator Spare Parts

Can be done 15-21 working days or delivery right away, mostly of small spare parts got ready in stock.

Shipping Policy for Elevator and Escalator

  • Elevator and escalator will be shipping by sea mostly, Max can load 5-6 Elevator /40HQ by Elevator to saving cost by sea.
  • One Escalator will be one 40HQ mostly,cause escalator have different shape.
  • Know the best solution load as much as in one container is best way to saving shipping cost for our partner.
  • Shipping by sea will arrive from 10-50 days it depend on where are you.
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